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February 28, 2011

Video: Wind Up Squirrel

We have a new video up for you to watch!

Or you can see all of our videos on our You Tube channel.

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January 24, 2011

TAMFS at Creating Change

Some of us wish that we could be at Creating Change, but can’t. We’re glad that Lisa Larges will be there leading a workshop!

Creating Change



Humor, Hospitality, and Heliotropes as Tools for Social Change
Practice Spirit, Do Justice • All Audiences

In this workshop we address the nature vs. nurture debate: Are queers born with a more highly developed sense of humor, or is it an acquired characteristic? Since the anti-equality activists have co-opted tactics of fear, anger and smoldering resentment, we’ll focus on the leftovers: joy, love and hospitality. We’ll share tactics for creative social change: instant theater, flash mobs, well-placed “mocktivism,” guerilla acts of hospitality, and other stuff we haven’t thought of yet!

Presenter: Lisa Larges, That All May Freely Serve, Rochester, NY